Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In 2019

Are you looking to invest in cryptocurrencies but you don’t know which coins are expected to move the farthest and why?

Or maybe you’re hesitating to get into the market, because the prices are keep falling lower and lower and you don’t know where the actual bottom is and if it’s the right time to buy?

Search no more, you’re in the right place.

You will not only find out what top 5 coins are the best crypto investments in 2019, but you will also learn how to get 3000%+ on your investment in the next crypto run up.

More than that, I will show you how to turn $3,000 into $63,000—that’s a 20x increase on your investment, and it’s more than achievable.

Article updated on December 1, 2018

The rules for successful crypto investing:

Before I get to the top 5, here are the five conditions that a cryptocurrency coin has to meet in order to be a viable investment:

Rule 1: It needs to solve a real problem

Rule 2: It has to be permissionless and trustless

Rule 3: It’s backed by a growing community

Rule 4: It has to be developed by a strong team of coders

Rule 5: It has to be listed on major crypto exchanges

If you can’t find a coin that meets all these conditions, the best thing you can do is keep searching until you find it.

These rules are absolutely crucial determinants to better the odds for making a profit.

Top 5: Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In 2019

Here’s a list of five cryptos that are positioned for strong advance:

best-cryptocurrency-to-invest-in-2019-nano1. Nano (NANO)

NANO, previously known as RaiBlocks is a low-latency cryptocurrency that delivers a pure peer-to-peer payment platform at its best.

The digital currency provides instantaneous transactions at no cost which makes it a very strong candidate in the electronic cash department.

During the Bitcoin’s all-time high, NANO was trending at around $28 per coin.

At the time of writing, NANO is worth $0.98 a piece which generates a 2,750% return if the price was to go back to the same levels.

The maximum supply of 133,248,290 million coins and its current market cap of $131 million makes things very interesting.

If NANO was to re-test its all-time high, the market cap would have grown to about $3.7 billion which is somewhat realistic for any coin with such strong fundamentals.

What’s really important about NANO is that it is permissionless as well as trustless. It means that the coin is truly decentralized and not controlled by any third party.

Only blockchains with these attributes should ever be successful.

If you’re interested in the technical stuff, you might want to check out the white paper here.

You can buy NANO at Binance for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), BinanceCoin (BNB) or Tether (USDT).

best-cryptocurrency-to-invest-in-2019-miota2. IOTA (MIOTA)

IOTA is a remarkable cryptocurrency that aims to revolutionize the world of artificial intelligence.

In simple words, it introduces the means of decentralized value exchange the machines will use to interact among themselves.

IOTA doesn’t use blockchain, but runs on its own ledger called Tangle.

Tangle is more scalable and secure than blockchain which also allows for free and instant transactions in a permissionless and trustless environment.

Such innovative concept and lack of any strong competition makes IOTA a pioneer in the decentralized AI field which ultimately translates into a lucrative long-term investment.

The coin was trading at around $6 a piece around Bitcoin’s all-time high. At the time of writing, the price oscillates around $0.28 per coin.

IOTA has a max supply of 2.7 billion coins and all of them are already in circulation.

This makes it possible for the coin to go beyond the $6 price level and maintain a relatively small market cap.

The potential gain is around 2,000% if the price was to go back to its all-time high from December, 2017.

Considering that IOTA aims to take the AI industry to another level, it gives me confidence to remain bullish on the coin’s long-term success.

You can leverage this promising fundamental outlook and turn it into a solid profit-yielding investment.

You can buy IOTA at Binance for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), BinanceCoin (BNB) or Tether (USDT).

holochain-logo3. Holochain (HOT)

Holochain is like a new web protocol that runs on its own distributed network that performs faster than blockchain.

It provides an infinite scaling opportunities as opposed to blockchain-run cryptos.

There’s no consensus to follow and therefore Holochain isn’t based on the blockchain technology.

The concept of Holo doesn’t solve any specific problems, but provides the means for communities to create their own tools for sharing and managing data resources.

It offers one of the best decentralization as of today and that’s one of the main selling points for its effectiveness and future growth.

Holochain launched in April 2018 and its price topped up at $0.0019 in May. The total supply sits at 177,619,433,541 and there’s currently just over 133 billion of HOT in circulation.

As of today, HOT is trending at $0.005 and had lost 73% of its value since its all-time high from April. This resulted in a market cap of $71 million which is considerably small for a cryptocurrency of that calibre.

If the price was to ever go as high as $0.01 per one HOT, the market cap would had jumped to $1.3 billion which is more than sustainable.

That in turn, would have resulted in 1,900% growth and that’s a reasonable target for HOT in the next crypto bull run.

You can buy Holochain at Binance.

best-cryptocurrency-to-invest-in-2019-ada4. Cardano (ADA)

Cardano innovates the smart contract arena by delivering more functionality and general ease of use.

The coin is also one of the biggest competitors to Ethereum and has a solid team behind it.

Whilst Cardano’s roadmap might come across as extremely ambitious and most of the milestones are yet to be reached, it could flip the whole smart contract world upside down upon successful execution.

As of today, there’s a lot of speculation on whether the team will ever be able to fully implement the stuff from the roadmap and actually turn the concept into a working platform.

This puts you in an interesting spot where you can get in soon and at a fraction of the price to reap the potential benefits if the coin was to achieve what its creators had set out to achieve.

ADA was priced at about $1.15 during the crypto boom and its price had declined to $0.035 since.

Going by our previous calculation, we’re expecting Cardano to eventually go back to the same levels. In turn, this gives us a potential increase of about 3,185% creating a market cap of about $25 billion.

Cardano is permissionless and trustless and this meets our third condition for a successful crypto investment.

You can buy ADA at Binance for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), BinanceCoin (BNB) or Tether (USDT).

If you want to find out more about this coin, you can read my article on Cardano it over here.

best-cryptocurrency-to-invest-in-2019-dcr5. Decred (DCR)

What makes Decred unique is the team behind it and their practical philosophy that initiated the creation of this coin.

In short, Decred is trying to solve every known bottleneck problem that exists in the blockchain technology as of today.

For example: hashpower centralization, on-chain voting that uses PoW and PoS together for more equitable consensus or development subsidy where its developers don’t have to rely on donations to keep them going.

There’s a lot going on for Decred and most of the bottlenecks had been already solved.

Decred has a max supply of 21 million coins.

This means that the price could go exponentially upward if the demand was to absorb the supply — which is what usually happens when the market booms.

What’s also interesting about DCR is the fact that its price was never influenced by the Bitcoin bull run because Decred had entered the scene after it.

Ever since then, the price has been steadily going north with two major hiccups along the way, but generally had remained bullish.

I’m all in on Decred and I believe the price should far exceed its previous all-time high of $115 if it was already able to reach that threshold during the recent bear market.

It’s hard to predict what the actual price target might be, but considering the sound fundamentals of the coin, the growth should be rather impressive over a long period of time.

As of today, Decred is trending at $20 a coin and if it was go back to the all-time high of $115, it would have posed nearly 500% increase.

You can buy DCR at Binance for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), BinanceCoin (BNB) or Tether (USDT).

alternative-iconHow To Maintain Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio

I always put my money where my mouth is and that’s how my today’s cryptocurrency portfolio was built around these 5 coins.

I can’t guarantee any outcomes, and as it always is with investing, your capital is at risk and you should never invest more than you’re not willing to lose.

However, taking into consideration the rules we have earlier set out for any crypto investment to be feasible and profitable long-term, all of these five coins meet our preset criteria.

Whilst we can never be sure whether these coins will be the ones to advance as indicated, we have certainly increased the odds by following those rules.

You shouldn’t confuse investing with trading, either.

Investing is about buying at relatively low prices and holding long-term to either hit your pre-defined monetary target or meet your investment horizon.

Your target could be a fixed figure.

target-iconSet your crypto-investment target

For example, you have $10,000 to invest and want to grow your initial investment to $75,000.

By contrast, your exit strategy could be dictated by the time horizon of your investment.

For example, you might want to lock away your funds in cryptocurrencies until March 2020. This sets the date on which you liquidate your portfolio whether you reach your fixed target or not.

In both scenarios, do not do it blindly — as in buy and forget.

Whilst it doesn’t mean that you should be checking the prices on a daily basis, you need to keep an eye on the fundamental aspects of the market.

register-iconStay on top of things

If something was to go horribly wrong, you want to be aware of it as soon as possible and re-balance your portfolio accordingly to eliminate any additional risk.

For example, these could be any political issues among developers.

Hypothetically speaking, let’s presume that half of the Cardano’s team was to go on to create a different version of the coin because they couldn’t agree on future development of the original coin.

An event like that would have been reflected in the price as soon as it was announced and whilst your position would have taken a hit, you could limit further loses by converting your ADA to fiat or another cryptocurrency.

There are many other external factors that could drive the price up or down and it is best to stay informed — at least on the cryptos you hold and the market sentiment as the whole.

This way, you will be able to pull the trigger to preserve your capital or profits if need be.

Otherwise, you’re hoping for the best which isn’t the best long-term strategy.

And this brings me to the last point I want to ensure you fully understand to better your chances of making the most out of your crypto investment.

hodl-iconHODL & Do Not Trade

Not long ago, I wrote on how more beneficial it is for anyone involved in cryptocurrencies to hold their positions instead of trading them for a profit.

You can read the full article here – Why you should reconsider day trading cryptos.

The coins I have covered in this article should generate a decent return over a long period of time.

That’s why it’s crucial to set a couple of rules for yourself in advance.

Upon successful portfolio implementation, you should stick to your plan of holding your investment until you either hit your pre-defined return or time horizon.

I repeat these two, because you might be tempted to undercut your long-term return when you show a significant profit half-way that doesn’t necessarily meet your targets.

Worse than that, you might find yourself doing a bit of trading which is not recommended as it might result in loses that you will want to recover. That might put you on a downward spiral and introduce additional risk.

You will be much better off with holding your positions until you reach your target, especially if no danger factors come into play along the way.

Be patient, stick to your plan and hold.

dollar-iconPotential Return On Your Investment

This is where we are going to do a little of speculating.

And I’ll keep it within reason, just to demonstrate the potential growth of your cryptocurrency portfolio based on my top 5 above.

The premise of this article assumes that the market is about to bounce back and initiate a long-term bull run.

The reason being for this assumption is the fact that Bitcoin as the main crypto market driver had bottomed around the $6,000 several times this year.

This tells us that the $6k level from February the 6th might be the absolute bottom.

Also, because Bitcoin’s price has been declining into smaller and smaller trading ranges since then, it poses an extreme price compression.

As it historically was the case in any financial market, the more compressed the price was becoming, the more energy it had stored.

If the absolute bottom of $6,000 is true, it means that the crypto market is about to boom any time soon.

The price compression acts as a spring which might skyrocket the market to extreme levels.

It might of course explode in the downward direction  investors, I believe the upcoming spring will elevate the whole market to new all-time highs.

Since we are assuming that the top 5 will eventually re-test their all-time high levels during the upcoming macro bull run caused by the market compression, the potential returns look very impressive.

Let’s run some numbers.

If you invested $3,000 in the five coins above and distributed your capital equally between all of them, your portfolio would have looked like this:

Nano — $600
Iota — $600
HOT — $600
ADA — $600
DCR — $600

Now, let’s take a look at what happens if all of these coins were to go back to their all-time highs.

Nano — $600 -> potential 2,750% increase = $16,500 profit
Iota — $600 -> potential 2,000% increase = $12,000 profit
HOT — $600 -> potential 1,900% increase = $11,400 profit
ADA — $600 -> potential 3,185% increase = $19,110 profit
DCR — $600 -> potential 400% increase = $2,400 profit

The potential profit stands at $61,410 + $3,000 of your initial investment = $64,410 gross total.

This gives you a risk to reward ratio of 1:20—you can’t really go wrong with that, can you?

It’s more or less like winning a small lottery, and it’s totally within your reach.

Now, do you want to liquidate your portfolio when you hit exactly $60k?


And here’s why.

Is it the right time to buy?

This question gets asked a lot in the past few days.

And I will be as brief as possible in answering this question.

I called the Bitcoin price decline to $3,000-$3,500 back in March 2018 in one of my Quora answers here. 


There’s much more to my answer than the above snippet.

I talk about the bearish market sentiment and how it should go on until Bitcoin bounces off of the $3k support level which is one of the biggest supports there is.

So, is it the right time to buy Bitcoin or the coins that I’ve listed above?

It might be, but I would wait a little longer until the price drops even lower.

When the price is within the range of $3,000-$3,500, I would be the best time to buy.

Nonetheless, the $3,850 price as of today is already a very good opportunity to get into the market.

final-iconFinal Word

You shouldn’t expose your realized profits to additional risk by trying to “score” every pre-defined point.

Even if you’re not going by the time horizon exit strategy.

In that scenario, it would be wise to lower your target to a more realistic figure.

Depending on how risk tolerant you are, a good profit taking target would be in a range of $25,000 to $30,000.

Another feasible exit strategy would be, if you’re confident enough that the initial target is within reach, to downsize your exposure by liquidating 1/3, 1/2 or 2/3 of your initial investment and let the rest ride it out.

If the market was to reverse before reaching your top target, you would have retained a portion of your profits and could re-evaluate from there.

I hope this helps and I’m looking forward to answering any questions you might have.

Good luck!

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Disclaimer: You should do your own due diligence, research and analysis before you invest any money in cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and classed as high-risk investments. You should never invest any money unless you’re prepared to lose your capital. The author of this article holds the said assets and might be biased towards them.

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