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I'm a macro trader among a few who called that Bitcoin would go down to $3,000—$3,500 back in March 2018. 

(link for this prediction here)


I correctly predicted the most recent Bitcoin price decline in October 2018 again just weeks before the drop to $3,200.

(link to the post here)

I've been successfully trading and analyzing cryptocurrencies since 2015. I have a large following on Quora where I regulary share my crypto analysis. 

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 Let me help you succeed in your crypto investing journey

I will write a professional investment plan for you — tailored to your budget, risk tolerance and time horizon.


Have you already invested but you're not getting results?

No problem! I will analyze your porfolio, propose rebalancing changes and guide you along the way. 


You don't know what coins to invest in and which assets are positioned for strong growth and return? Give me a shout below and I will be at your disposal. 


You will gain clarity, confidence and returns you were striving for in the first place.


And most importantly, you will learn how to analyze the market yourself with my personal guidance.

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