The Investor's Guide
Learn how to: 

— Build a profitable cryptocurrency portfolio
— Analyse the market performance
— Pick the best coins for max returns
— Protect yourself from losses
Develop an Investment Plan
Learn how to develop a long-term investment plan, build a winning portfolio and how to manage risk.
Technical & Fundamental Analysis
Discover how to make technical and fundamental market analysis work for you and your bank account. 
The Magic of Charting
Find out how to chart and draw accurate conclusions from your market analysis. Pick up what most successful traders have been doing for years — establish key support and resistance clusters, spot price trends, reversals and let the magic begin. 
Pick the Best Coins
Apply your newly learnt technical and fundamental knowledge, analyse the overall performance of the market and double-down on the assets that are expected to move the soonest, the quickest and the farthest. 
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Chapter 1: Investment Plan
In the first chapter, you will learn how to come up with a long-term investment plan that will show you how to build a successful portfolio, mitigate the risk and have a sound approach to your expectations.  
Chapter 2: TA & FA Analysis
Chapter 2 will show you how to analyze the fundamental aspect of the market as well as the technical part so you're able to chart and cross-examine  like a pro. 
Chapter 3: Trading Strategies
Here, you will read about a proven set of trading strategies and setups. It's all based on the most popular technical indicators and you won't have to go out your way in order to get them.
Chapter 4: DO's & DONT's
Finally, you will gain valuable knowledge on how to preserve your capital and cover yourself from the most common investing pitfalls and learn how to set appropriate stop loss orders that actually make sense. 

The Author

Hi, I'm Tomasz Kurpanik and I had invested in Bitcoin when it was $200 back in 2015. 
I've been an active macro trader in the cryptocurrency market ever since and I have one goal in writing this guide for you: to maximize your returns. 
The guide is tailored for the beginners and it's an excellent entry-point for whoever wants to dip their toe in the crypto sphere. 
I have a large following on Quora where I frequently share my thoughts on the recent crypto developments and the overall market performance. 
This is also where I predicted the crypto winter and Bitcoin to go as low as $3,200 back in March this year. 
I wish you all the best and I hope this guide will serve you well. It's a shame I wasn't able to put my hands on something like this where I was starting out — instead, I had to learn the hard way!
If you have any questions regarding the guide, write me an email here and I will respond as soon as I can. 
Get your copy today and start your own investment journey!
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